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Children experimenting in The Energy Game. Photo: Anna Gerdén

Children experimenting in The Energy Game. Photo: Anna Gerdén

At the National Museum of Science and Technology, we want to stimulate the students´ technological curiosity and to show possibilities and limitations of the natural sciences.

We aim to show the history of technology, discuss what technology means to us today and what it can mean to us in the future. We also wish to get the students talking about what technology should and should not be used for.

In our galleries and storage areas there are about 55,000 objects and artifacts. Each object tells us something about the development of technology, over several centuries.

At the museum there are archives and a library where you can find information about the persons behind the technologies, and the environments in which they were used.

Visit the museum

Entry to the museum is free for all school classes in the company of their teachers. You do not need to book your visit in advance. Generally, the museum is most crowded in the mornings, so please plan your class visit for an afternoon if possible.

Booking activities

We offer guided tours and workshops on the various themes we are currently showing at the museum. All programs for schools are adapted to the age and knowledge level of the group.

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For booking and more information, please send an email to: bokning [at]

Getting here

Museivägen 7, Stockholm
Bus 69 to Museiparken

Beautiful walking and cycle paths along Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen.

Hours and admission

10 am–5 pm
Wednesdays until 8 pm

0–6 yrs: free | 7–19 yrs: SEK 100
Adults: SEK 150

Online and other discounts


Tekniska museet
Box 27842 | SE 115 93 Stockholm
+46 8 450 56 00


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